Task: tell about the work and services of the realtor’s team

Dominika, a team of professionals, which helps with the sales organization of outer city property. There is a site built in the studio that describes not only company services but also in more accessible detail talks about realtor’s efforts.


The concept of the site was built on a colorful “heading” and work with a text


A large majority of realtor sites are very hard to perceive because of the large boring texts. The information as to why it is worth it to hire a real estate agent can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Therefore, we worked with a big quantity of information and started to understand the situation with agencies and the sale of estate. Later, we created a separate page where we clearly described the agent’s steps of work.



Perhaps this is the only site that informatively talks about realtor’s work and the advantages of its recruitment.


For landowners there are several options of sales, from the creation of villages turn-key ready. Many owners don’t even believe that they have so many options.





web design


Mike Amirov

Art Director

Stas Petrov

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