Task: Redo the design of the site

The company Commerce Project independently makes doors for any real estate in Russia and CIS. The quantity of work is amazing. There was a site that was made for the company, which tells clients about different types of doors and their advantages. Every consumer starts by choosing necessary products depending on their needs: by object type, construction, or finishing.


On the main page there is a full site map at the foot of the page, and the description of the company and its products.


The concept of this site was built on pureness of form, geometry, and clear structure.

As a basic order is received by a manager manually, on every page there are forms for communications and call backs.

On the inside pages there are specific descriptions of products that indicate their advantages. Also, substantial recommendations are provided with the help of a table.




Every type of object has its own table


In the construction section, advantages and design of the doors are written in greater detail.



Each line has their own certificates: fireproof, soundproof, and expert conclusions

web design


Mike Amirov

Art Director

Stas Petrov

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